Adventure Overland ‘Spring’ Show

Sep 27, 2017 0

There will be not just one, but TWO shows at Stratford-upon-Racecourse in 2018! Such is the support the traders and public have given the Adventure Overland Show over the six years the event has been

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DOGS – Are they welcome at the Adventure Overland Show?

Sep 20, 2017 Comments Off on DOGS – Are they welcome at the Adventure Overland Show?

Yes, dogs under control (i.e. leads + clean up!) are always welcome. This applies not only to day visitors, but weekend campers too. However, if you have ‘noisy animals’, please inform us upon arrival so

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A&T Adventures – Banjul Challenge

Sep 17, 2017 Comments Off on A&T Adventures – Banjul Challenge

THE HISTORY: The 3 week Banjul Challenge is the world’s first ever Banger Challenge, that has spawned so many others. In December 2002, the first group of hopeful souls left the UK in a motley

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Emails of Tom McGuigan (Organiser)

Sep 13, 2017 Comments Off on Emails of Tom McGuigan (Organiser)

Big problem, I can’t access my email account due to ridiculous password issues (technology!!!) so obviously can’t answer any questions or return booking forms for the Adventure Overland Show 2017. So if you need

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