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Yet another first at AOS`17 – the PERSONAL SECURITY WORKSHOP.

September 3, 2017 Comments Off on Yet another first at AOS`17 – the PERSONAL SECURITY WORKSHOP. News, Workshops

Another free of charge attraction at AOS`17 (Adventure Overland Show 2017) is the PERSONAL SECURITY WORKSHOP.

Hosting this vitally important subject is James Davis. Canadian born and UK based, James has travelled extensively around the globe, mostly by 4×4. A best-selling author, former soldier and regular traveller, James spent 10 years living around Africa where he developed his love of old Land Rovers and exploring the blank areas on the map.

5 star hotels are very overated. An advocate and promoter of topless motoring, James makes up his bed and stays in his ‘million star hotel’ whenever possible.

He has also worked in international security for 30 years, currently advising a network of over 100 humanitarian organisations working in some of the world’s most dangerous areas.

Spanning security and planning, he will be advising on tools and tips that anyone can use to make clear and informed decisions when assessing actual risks during overland journeys.

Incidentally, in addition to the PERSONAL SECURITY WORKSHOP, James and his wife Jess will both be giving talks as part of the “Been There, Done It” Seminar Sessions at AOS`17 – the timings are here. His subect will be  Security Planning for Overland Travel (now there’s a surprise!) while Jess’ is entitled Desert Overlanding for Women – this covering general safety issues and packing for women. 

So now you have two choices, either attend James’ encapsulated talk on the subject of security, or see him in person during his workshop. 

His 1-hr seminar is 12:00 on Saturday – see here

The workshops are 15:00 Saturday, 


A final word …

We really can’t think of anybody more suited to host the PERSONAL SECURITY WORKSHOP at AOS`17, we are indeed indebted. Like all the speakers providing the seminars and workshops, every one of them are non-paid volunteers, only too willing and eager to pass on their considerable knowledge to the show’s visitors. So don’t be shy, any questions or information you need to know, ask away! 

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