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Who would you choose to sponsor a BUSH MECHANICS WORKSHOP? You’ll never guess!

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You would be hard pressed to find anybody more suitable to sponsor and run a workshop about bush mechanics than the founder of a company called … Bush Mechanics!

We are delighted therefore to announce the launch of another free attraction at AOS`17 (Adventure Overland Show 2017) – the BUSH MECHANICS WORKSHOP.

Doing what he does best, David pictured here is quite literally ‘in the bush’.

The man in question is one David Gunning. A keen biker and 4×4 enthusiast, David founded Bush Mechanics after a lifetime of experience working with vehicles in all conditions all over the world.

Most mechanical breadowns can be overcome. Here we have a bush repair to get a Land Rover Defender back from a training day after the bracket broke holding the axle to the suspension trailing arm. A combination of an old ratchet strap and cable ties saw the owner travel 26 miles back to base.

With an upbringing where his dad would say, “If you break it you’ll have to fix it”, he constantly strived to learn and over 10 years in the forces equipped him with the knowledge and hands on experience to fix anything from a bicycle to a bulldozer. He then moved on to qualifying as an instructor with Land Rover. All of which extended his mechanical, technical, electrical and expedition skills to their utmost. Undertaking expeditions as the Expedition Mechanic and working with companies and vehicles such as Land Rover, Toyota, Jeep, Mitsubishi, Volvo, Ford and many more, gave David the hands-on experience of other brands, mechanical principles and technologies. This created training opportunities to work with large and small organisations including the Environment Agency, where he has instructed staff on adventure / overland mechanics and all-terrain driving techniques.

Now via the BUSH MECHANICS WORKSHOP, David will be passing on some tasty tips about how to repair your  long-suffering vehicle – completely free of charge I might add.

Another example of a bush repair. Take one damaged turbo hose, add a bit of ingenuity, mix in some bits ‘n’ bobs found in the glovebox …

… and hey presto, one temporary repair good enough to get home. That’s what ‘bush repair’ is all about.

This said, he does run commercial 2-day courses down in Devon covering all aspects of bush mechanics, self-recovery techniques and a hot of other skills associated with overland travel. Designed around you and your vehicle, while taking into account the extent of mechanical knowledge, or lack of it, the knowledge gained could prove invaluable when breakdown leaves you stranded in the back of beyond.

So, get yourselves along to hear David’s encapsulated talk about the subject as part of the the “Been There, Done It” Seminar Sessions at AOS`17 – it’s on the Saturday of the show, the timing and description is here. Once again, like the workshops, all the seminars are totally free to attend. Plus if you want to chat to the man himself, then he’ll be available in the BUSH MECHANICS WORKSHOP.

Not exactly a bush repair, but David’s skill set allowed him to tackle the rebuild of his Africa Twin’s motorcycle engine. Jack of all traders, master of most!


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