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Display Vehicle Booking Form

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Owners of display vehicles over 5 tonnes will receive one complimentary Weekend Pass, comprising
day admission for 2 adults Sat & Sun, camping Fri, Sat & Sun nights – don’t forget, children under 16 years
automatically receive free entry.

That’s not to say other vehicles can’t also be Display Vehicles, it’s just that owners of vehicles under 5 tonnes have to pay for camping & day admission in the normal way.

Displaying a Display Vehicle

Please remember that Display Vehicles will be viewed by the general public,
so naturally we want to promote our hobby/sport/pastime in a good light. Owners are therefore asked to form a
display that is both interesting and informative. Photo and information and boards are good, as are individual
signs explaining what a particular vehicle is – the make/model/engine size/modifications/history/etc. What
nobody wants to see is just a boring line of vehicles! This is very important for the show.
Interaction with the public is also good, so if you have some special skills, by all means … show them off!
If you are around to chat to show visitors, this would be great, but we don’t expect you to be chained to the
vehicle all weekend. You have to go walkabout too, it’s all part of the weekend, so if you could leave a note on
your driver’s window, either giving your mobile number and/or the time you will return, that would be excellent.
We’ve all been to shows and wanted to chat to the owner, only to wait there for ages and them never return.
We want the ADVENTURE OVERLAND SHOW to be as interactive as possible, hence this request.
It’s also okay to promote your favourite charity, a forthcoming event, etc. We’re quite open about this.
Providing it’s confined to simply distributing leaflets/flyers from the confines of your pitch, then no problem
whatsoever. What we can’t have is owners turning their area into a commercial area, this just wouldn’t be fair
to the traders. Trade stand prices are extremely low for an event of this type, so please enquire about trade
prices if required.

Your pitch

Camping is of course allowed on the pitches. As for actual space, vehicles will be lined up in a
row, either straight or in an arc depending on space on the day, so there will always be enough room to
position yourself depending on your needs. When you arrive, simply inform the Marshal if you require a little
more room for an awning or whatever, they will position you accordingly. If you require a lot more room for any
reason (more of a display for instance, a desert scene with plastic palm trees would be very welcome!!!) then
please inform organiser Tom McGuigan of your requirements in advance. Any other questions, then simply
email or phone me.

Dispatch of Passes

Display Vehicle permits will be dispatched start of September.

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