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Display Vehicles can be any make, model or size, the only criteria is … they have to be ‘interesting’ for visitors. Sounds obvious, but a line-up of standard Land Rover 90s/110s, Toyotas, Nissans, Mitsubishis, etc. with a basic roof tent would quite frankly be boring. Compare those to an Iveco Daily 4×4 camper, or a Mercedes Sprinter 4×4, Ford Transit 4×4, Reynolds Broughton RB44, an ex-military Land Rover 127 or 130 ambulance converted into a camper, Pinzgauer, Renault 50 4×4, pick-ups such a Ford Ranger demountable motorhome, etc. and you can instantly see the difference. I won’t even bother listing all the large expedition trucks such as the Leyland Daf T244 or Bedford TM, they are always popular!

Basically, if you own something exceptional that doesn’t fall into any standard category, then please enquire. We hate to see unusual vehicles of any size languishing in the day visitor’s car park or campsite, so please ask about eligibility so we can bring your pride ‘n’ joy to the fore. If it has a link to overland travel, we’re interested.


There was a big change for AO`16. Owners of Display Vehicles with a GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) of 5 tonnes and above were for the first time eligible for free entry – that is day admission and camping. This policy will continue henceforth. See below for details.

In effect this means that all Display Vehicles whatever shape, size or weight will be sited a lot nearer to the heart of the showground than the campsite … which at Stratford Racecourse can be a long way from the amenities, it’s a BIG venue! This is also true of the Seminar Sessions, event office, trade stands, toilet/shower block, Breakfast & Cream Tea Room, the World Tastes Food Court, and importantly the Severn Cider Beer Tent featuring live music in the evening, will all be lot more accessible to owners of Display Vehicles than regular campers pitched up in the campsite.

All we ask in return is that you place in your windscreen …

1. A brief description about the vehicle and its history- e.g. year of manufacture, make, model, engine size, where and when you bought it, how much it cost, the conversion, where its travelled, etc.

2. Not mandatory, but if you happen to have a photo board as well, that’s a bonus! Shots of the conversion to a camper and images of the vehicle in foreign climes are always popular.

Upon qualifying as a Display Vehicle (this can be simply for the day or the entire weekend), during the course of the show when you’re not strolling about yourself, you will be able to chat to the public about where you and your trusty steed have roamed … or plan to roam! Some owners even leave a mobile number on their description board so those interested in the conversion can ring them, and if nearby they can return to have a chat. Again, it’s a whole lot more interactive than being stuck in the car park or distant part of the campsite. Either park, lock up and go walkabout all weekend, or interact with the public, or a combination of both – your choice entirely.


To apply for a Display Vehicle pass, please complete this form.

Two or four ‘landscape’ photos (two per line), or three ‘portrait’ photos (three per line) are also essential so I can feature them in this section. These can be emailed to myself –  Tom McGuigan at 4x4trading@talk21.com

Thanks in advance for being part of what we like to call – ‘our show’, for it’s truly an event for ‘us’.


To help their substantial offset fuels costs, owners of Display Vehicles with a GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) of 5 tonnes and above are eligible for free entry – that is day admission and camping.



Scroll down to view Display Vehicles connected with previous Adventure Overland Shows 2012-2016

DAF T244 camper

Michael Green’s DAF T244 camper conversion was completed in Feb. 2011. “We then spent 6 months road testing it in Europe, down to the Spanish border and then on to Norway.

After sorting out a few small details we then shipped it to Namibia and spent until October 2014 driving as far as Kenya. (not far but we like to take our time and see lots of stuff). Shipped home from Mombassa to Barcelona and then drove back to Wiltshire via P&O Bilbao/Portsmouth”.

Having spent roughly 15 years on the road in a variety of motorhomes, clearly Michael will be a font of knowledge if you want to know about this mode of transport.

Michael Green1  Michael Green2 Michael Green3  Michael Green4

Mercedes 508d 4×2 expedition truck

The 1990 Merc 508d of Daniel Crossley and family. Just back from a 12 month jaunt through South America, David has kindly agreed to give a talk about their experiences, so see the SEMINARS section of this website for more information about the Crossley clan.

Daniel Crossley6  Daniel Crossley5 Daniel Crossley10  Daniel Crossley12Daniel Crossley13   Daniel Crossley9

Land Rover Defender 130 camper

A Land Rover Defender 130 ex-military prototype Wolf specification workshop/support vehicle, now the expedition camper of Ian & Beverley Daly. ‘Only’ 35 countries visited to date – Europe, North Africa, West Africa, Baltics – what’s keeping you?

Syria Jordan 1 019  800ft view  Syria Jordan 2 015  Morocco 013

Mercedes Benz 1017a camper

Starting off life as an army vehicle, Clive and Ann Barker’s Mercedes Benz 1017a was fitted out by them from an empty box.

Once the conversion was complete and their pride ‘n’ joy christened “Nomad”, the three of them hit the road and have been travelling overland for most of the time since 2002.

Delighted to announce they will be recounting their experiences via a talk in the popular “Been There, Done It” Seminar Sessions, so see the SEMINARS section of this website for more information about their talk.

Clive Barker - Nomad in front of the Potala, Lhasa, Tibet  Clive Barker - 2015-04-19 10-00-05IMG_6943Clive Barker - Nomad at the Pyramids2009-04-24  Clive Barker - Nomad in the White Desert, Egypt

Leyland DAF T244 expedition truck

It’s a case of ‘welcome back’ to Steve Wigglesworth and his zebra striped expedition truck, for he’s displayed the vehicle at the ADVENTURE OVERLAND & TRAVEL SHOW twice before, the first time being the inaugural show back in 2012.

Converted by Steve approx. three years ago now, this 1994 Leyland DAF T244 must have had a bit of a shock as previously it had led a sheltered life as reserve stock of the British Army. Earmarked originally as a communications truck, it had only ever done 509.3 miles in its entire life, so it was about to work for its living!

The whole project was built outside on his driveway, but clearly that didn’t stop him working his magic on that interior … it’s stunning! It even boasts a couple of ‘secret compartments’ that according the man himself, “will take some finding in the event of thieves ruining our day”. Nice one!

Some great details of the build, including insights into the fixtures and fittings of the ‘clean look’ interior, can be found on his excellent Trip Truck site – www.triptruck.net

Following the conversion it embarked on a 1,600 mile maiden voyage to the remotest parts of mainland Scotland, a shake down trip that was an important step to realising its full potential.  He’s now done many European trips including Ukraine and Iceland, so be available over the weekend to chat about the conversion and his travels so far.

Steve Wigglesworth 1  Steve Wigglesworth 2Steve Wigglesworth 4  TV / DVD and stereoBike Slide in action - garage keeps bikes safe and out of the weather  ... and afterKjeragbolten - directly above 984m of fresh air - then the fjord











Kjeragbolten in Norway – a 5 m³ boulder wedged directly above 984m of fresh air – then the fjord!

Land Rover Defender CSW & Sankey Expedition Trailer

Starting life as a 3 door commercial, Michael Law swapped the body on his Land Rover 110 to make it a 5 door County Station Wagon, then used the old body on an adapted ex-British Army Sankey trailer. He built this combo over a 12 month period.

Just back from a 3,500 mile two week round trip that should of been UK to Morocco, due to a propshaft snapping it delayed the trip but didn’t stop it. Instead he re-routed along the south coast of Spain, before heading up through the Pyrenees mountains and Andorra. The plan is to head back down to Morocco again early next year.

The trailer sleeps the entire Law family – 2 adults and 3 children aged 15, 11 and 2. It has electric hook up, gas cooking facilities and 12v auxiliary battery on board.

Michael Law 1   Michael Law 4

Leyland DAF T244 expedition truck

Meet Doris and her proud owners Bev and Paul Johnson. They attended the show last year and “came away inspired”. Excellent, that’s what the show’s all about!

Well they certainly didn’t let the grass grow under their feet. After the show end of September 2014, the very next month they went out and brought a Daf T244 , the intention of being to to be a display vehicle at this year’s ADVENTURE OVERLAND & TRAVEL SHOW.

Paul and Bev Gore2

“We purchased her in November last year, and are currently preparing her for an overland adventure of an epic nature planned for Spring 2016.  So far we have removed the old back as it did not meet our requirements, and a new back has been constructed and fitted to match our needs. The chassis has been sand blasted and repainted, and new tanks manufactured to fit our design.

By the time the show takes place we aim to have the internal fitting of the box well underway. We have prepared a display board in anticipation of the show “.

Paul and Bev Gore1

Daf trucks are the flavour of the month these days, hardly surprising when you see how many ex-MOD vehicles are coming on to the market. A good choice we reckon!

Angela, Graham and Mowgli

Whilst waiting on a Marseilles quayside for a delayed ferry to take them to Tunisia, adventurers Angela and Graham wrote a check-list of what they both wanted out of life. Top of the pile was travel. They had already travelled on 4 continents and almost 80 countries between them, yet they craved more.

Angela Graham and Mowgli1

“We wanted to explore the world. To see the sights yes, but to really experience our destinations. We wanted to meet the people of different cultures and to have a more authentic travelling experience”.

Angela Graham and Mowgli2

So in 2013, they finally threw caution to the wind. They downsized their lives, left their jobs and bought Mowgli, their Mercedes Unimog Camper. Setting off on a 12 month road trip through Europe and West Africa, they had an amazing time. There were some crazy adventures, bucket loads of stories and priceless experiences. And so Mowgli-Adventures.com was born. It started out as just a way to share those travel stories with their friends and family, now they want to broaden their audience, to inspire others to explore the world and step off the tourist bus!

Angela Graham and Mowgli4

Entitled Mowgli Adventures, their website and associated blog is packed full of useful information, so by all means pay a visit.


Land Rover Discovery 3

The Display Vehicles at the ADVENTURE OVERLAND & TRAVEL SHOW come in many shapes and sizes, transcend all lifestyles and cost as little or as much as owners can afford. Variety is definitely the ‘spice of life’. Here we have the overland prepared Land Rover Discovery 3 SE, 2.7L TDV6 diesel of owner Mike Dennis. There are many budget overland vehicles out there, this Disco is truly the other end of the scale!

Mike Dennis1   Mike Dennis4

New back in June 2008 at a cost of £40K, he had always intended converting it into a true overland vehicle for his trips to North Africa and Europe, so for him his steed had to be both modern and reliable. Over the years he has put in roughly another £12K into the Discovery.

A lot of the initial work concealing the Warn Winch, rear wheel carrier, extended range Front Runner fuel tank and guard, engine remap, Safari snorkel, twin battery system with additional power sockets was carried out by APB Trading … a keen suppoter of this event BTW.

Then Paul Marsh at Footloose 4×4 uprated the original dampers to Koni FSD’s. 

Next step saw Mike himself fit full under body protection from Rasta 4×4, with additional protection for the exhaust and side bars. He then fitted with a heavy duty rear recovery point, “used many times in Tunisia” according to Mike!

The vehicle is shod with 17″ Cooper Tire AT3’s on 17″ Black Mantex alloys.

For the interior of the vehicle he removed the rear seats and constructed the rear load area from 18mm phenolic board and 12mm ply. This can be easily removed to convert the D3 back to standard – approx half a day – or it can be configured for 4 seats, with a fridge taking the place of the centre rear seat.

Mike Dennis3

Overnight accommodation is provided by a Mangolina carbon fibre Columbus roof tent on a full length Front Runner roof rack. Additional weather protection is provided by a Foxwing awning with side panels.

During the time that he has owned the D3 it has tackled 2 trips to Tunisia, 4 trips to Morocco (4 weeks at a time), the Alps x 2, Norway and Sweden, the Pyrenees and several off-road trips in the UK. He’ll have with him a stack of photographs from these trips which visitors can view.

Mike Dennis2

The question is – would you modify a Discovery 3 into an overland vehicle? Many wouldn’t, but Mike feels they are perfect for the job. As he himself says … “this will be a great opportunity for people to see what can be done with a Chelsea Tractor”. His enthusiasm for the vehicle may just open a few eyes.

Bedford MJ 4×4 expedition vehicle

Originally built by one Steve Edwards in 2007, the following year he travelled to Cyprus and then on to Iraq and Syria border. He also travelled to Goa and Malaysia.

Matt Ward1

Having just purchased it, the vehicle’s new custodian Matt Ward of Derbyshire says that he doesn’t plan to be quite as exotic as it’s getting “a little dodgy out that way”, but still intends to go walkabout nevertheless.

“The first long trip we are going to do is the Highlands and Islands off the west coast of Scotland, then across the north coast and back down the east coast. After that we intend to go from Calais/Dunkirk up through Holland and Denmark, across to Sweden, up through Norway and back down through Sweden. I did want to do Iceland but it costs a fortune to get it there”.

Matt Ward2   Matt Ward3

However, before even getting to Stratford-upon-Avon he has to change the water pump and gearbox. Both are not essential, but in the case of the water pump, slight play in the bearing means changing it is prudent. The gearbox meanwhile is an upgrade. “I have bought an Eaton 5 speed gearbox from a Bedford (nut) enthusiast in Lancashire, it’s the 5 speed overdrive box so will give me an extra 5 mph and drop my rpm at 50mph.”.

Let’s hope he makes it to the show, it’s nice to see ‘real’ vehicles still on parade.

Matt Ward4   Matt Ward5

Jenny, Gavin and Ruby the Landy

At first sight you may well think this looks like a fairly ordinary, unpretentious looking Land Rover. Well to some extent you’re right, but the Display Vehicle section at the ADVENTURE OVERLAND & TRAVEL SHOW is not just about the actual vehicles, but also the owners. Without their custodians being present, the transport they utilise are merely hulks of metal, glass, wood, plasitc and rubber. Clearly the blend of both these elements – the vehicle and it’s owners – qualifies this combo as a ‘Display Vehicle’. Read on to see what we mean …

Jenny, Gavin and Ruby the Landy1

… “Ruby is a Defender 110 300 Tdi County Station Wagon aged 21 years (M reg). We bought her in 2010 with the aim of prepping her to drive around the world. The old girl has had quite a lot done to her over the last few years and is now almost ready to go! She did the obligatory preparation trip to Morocco in 2013 for a month and we were really pleased with how she handled it and how everything worked. She also loves the outer Hebrides and has had many a happy camping trip on the islands. Her life is about to change irreversibly along with that of her owners. In May 2016 Ruby will be shipped to Columbia and from there she will commence her trip to drive around the world. It is likely she will spend her first year in South America, before being shipped to Malaysia and continuing her route through Asia – no firm route planned yet”.

Jen and Gav are her owners and are giving up work to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. They have little experience of Land Rovers, but lots of experience of travel and a massive ‘can do’ attitude, which they hope will stand them in good stead!

“Ruby is very sociable and looks forward to meeting new people at the adventure overland show”!

Jenny, Gavin and Ruby the Landy2

Unimog U300

The newly purchased 2006 Unimog U300 of Alan Gardner, the idea being to convert it over the winter into an expedition camper.

Anan Gardner1

“Being the ‘new shape’ Mog”, says Alan, “as it may prove difficult for folk to track one down to have a good look over, so I’m more than happy to talk to people about how they handle and what it’s like to live with etc. As long as I have time to go shopping myself, then no problem”.

That’s where a note in the window will help Alan. Simply jot down what time you’re going to be back, then folk will plan their movements around you … rather than the other way around! You may be there as a Display Vehicle, but you’re also there to browse the Trade Stands and attend the Seminars.

As the Unimog’s box will still be ‘under construction’, he’ll have on tow his converted Sankey trailer – complete with roof tent, heating, shower, etc. so he won’t be too uncomfortable; bless! If that’s the calibre of his trailer, can’t wait to see the Mog when converted!!

Anan Gardner2

Mercedes Sprinter 4×4

Barney Burrow built his camper about two years ago and has spent a lot of time wild camping throughout this country.

Barney Burrow 2

He has equipped the vehicle as a two berth with toilet and shower. It has a 200 litre clean water capacity. He has fitted a 60litre LPG tank to run his cooker, fridge and boiler and a diesel Erberspacher blown air heater. The Sprinter has selectable four-wheel-drive with a differential lock on the rear axle.

Leyland DAF T244 expedition truck

Brother of Barney, Bruce Burrow converted his DAF truck in 2010. The standard cargo bed was removed and he built and fitted the camper body. It is 3-berth with a kitchen and bathroom and clean water capacity of 400 litres. It has a hydraulically operated winch mounted mid chassis.

Bruce Burrow 2   Bruce Burrow 1

Apart from a three week foray into Northern Spain all of his touring has been confined to the British Isles, but he and his better half are planning to do something more ambitious as soon as time and funds allow, perhaps in conjunction with others?

Bedford J Type 4×4 (TJ)

Previously used and owned SWEB (South West Electricity Board), the 4×4 conversion was conducted by a company called Vickers Armstrong Onions in the late 1960’s.

Angus Dowding1

This lovely old classic is currently being converted into a living van by its latest custodian Timothy Dowding of Gloucestershire. Using a fibreglass body, it has been mounted using a 3-point method, allowing for minimum twist of the body. This 1967 lorry has been fitted with a Boughton PTO (Power Take Off) winch driven by the transfer box.

Dehler Optima 4,7. VW T4 4×4 1997

Dropping by to say hello is Erik Lea and his good lady … all the way from Norway!

Erik Lea 2 Erik Lea 3

The VW T4 was built 1997. Dehler in Germany made the campervan. Very famous in Germany. This camper has very high quality. Unfortunately they have stopped making them.

Upgraded to 4×4 in 2004 by my self. Lift kit T4 Syncro from Seikel.

Erik Lea 1

“We have spent many days on the road” says Erik. “The summer of 2010 we spent six weeks in Iceland. A fantastic trip, new weather each day, all the seasons in one day!”

2013 we had ‘Europatrip’. On the road from April to September, we went all the way from Norway to Albany. On the way home we visited the Silkroute Network’s AGM in Great Malvern, this being our club by the way”.

Yep, the Vikings will soon be invading us … again!

Erik Lea 4

Leyland DAF T244 expedition truck

Yet another Daf, they are proving popular this year. This one is owned by David Longdon and Sue Owen, so in his words …

“Our truck is another Ed Perry, Overland Vehicles Ltd new build, it was pretty much the first into his workshop and def’ the last out, so I have watched all the others being built along side it. David Longdon 2

It was finished in March 2012, when Ed shut the doors on the business, since when we have done numerous shaking down trips, 10,000 miles and we are presently in Croatia, we still have a list as long as my arm of stuff to do but everything works well now for long trips.

Our brief spec is:-

A standard MOD surplus 4 tonne general service truck, Leyland Daf T244 with a 5.9 litre Cummins turbo diesel, permanent 4wd, high and low ratio, centre diff lock, ex. reserve, 1992, bought from Withams with 15,000 km on the clock.

Running on standard Goodyear R.20 x 12.00 G388 tyres but will change these for new Michelin XZXs when I win the lottery.

Stretched the chassis/wheelbase by 400mm to accommodate a 5,600mm structural composite box with 100mm thick walls mounted on a steel sub-frame and four point torsion free mounting.

320 litres diesel tank plus 2 No. x 20 litre jerry can holders, chassis mounted, – theoretical range, 1,900 km / 1,200 miles.

360 litres /80 gallons, fresh water.

100 litres / 22 gallon, grey tank.

2 No. x  17 litre toilet cassettes.

Eberspacher diesel heater and 80 litre hot water calorifier.

8 No. x 12 volt x 110Ah leisure batteries = 440 Ah at 24 volt/ ie. c. 220 Ah useable.

Sterling battery charger and 240 volt inverter.

1 No. solar panel, produces about 5 Ah.

2.5 kVa Dometic, diesel, self start generator.

Dometic air conditioner in the box.

240 volt, 24 volt and 12 volt systems throughout.

Propane, 3 No. burner hob, oven and grill.

Webasto diesel hob.

175 litre Waeco 24 volt compressor fridge and freezer.


Satellite TV.

Sure Flow water pump and Nature Ecology water filter.

Provision for roof tent and double bed in the dining booth

David Longdon 1

… plus probably loads of other stuff but most importantly a full size shower, very comfortable bathroom and memory foam double bed”.

David & Sue support the show every year, in 2013 they raced back from Croatia just to be with us … although I’m not exactly sure if ‘raced’ is the correct term!



Here follows an assortment of vehicles associated with the ADVENTURE TRAVEL & OVERLAND SHOW since its launch in 2012 – some snapped at the show itself, others pictured in their natural environment – together with vehicle owners who have graced the event with their presence.

If you have any shots of the ADVENTURE TRAVEL & OVERLAND SHOW 2012-2014 that I can include here, please email them to myself Tom McGuigan at 4x4trading@talk21.com – thanks!

Twende - balloon  AO`12 132

J Read Jones - 4  James Davis1August 2012 059    John Wright 3 - 400x533August 2012 058  Bob Gould1_400X300

John Wright 4 - 400x267  AO`12 140

PeteDavies6.htm  August 2012 044

Martin Dover4  Land Rover 130 at AO`13

August 2012 045  NoelCooperPinzgauer410Camper- 3  Mark Seminar pic3

AO`14 - 16  August 2012 034

AO`12 - maadmaan15  SilkRouteMotorcaravanNetwork7

SpiritsIntent 1  August 2012 024

Bob Gould3_400x300  Tuggy1

AO`13 - 314  Bliss Mobil1

AO`12 128  AO`12 129AO`12 127  Toby Barnes-Taylor3AO`12 126  AO`12 124AO`12 120  AO`12 119AO`12 122  AO`12 123AO`12 - Colley1  AO`12 - Colley13

AO`12 026  AO`12 - JennyTyger 3

AO`12 - Colley4  AO`12 - maadmaan21

AO`12 - Whiteknight1.LRCC  AO`12 - Colley2

AO`12 - JennyTyger 1  AO`12 - maadmaan16AO`12 - Colley3  AO`12 - maadmaan19

AO`12 - maadmaan5  Nigel Evans1

AO`12 - Whiteknight2.LRCC  NoelCooperPinzgauer410Camper- 1

Darren Oliver L200 - 1  Darren Oliver L200 - 2Martin Howdle1  August 2012 050French Cap Lander - Remi Lacoste  Dave2

Rich Clayton Iveco 1  Richard Fenton Pajero camper1Steve and Charlotte3  Steve and Charlotte1Steve and Charlotte2  Vince Martin 2AO`12 157  August 2012 060Tony Evans5  AO`12 125WebsterWagon - tent  Nick Elton overland truckVince Martin 2  Tony Evans1Land Rover Classic Campers9


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