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The Global Convoy – Around the world on nothing but optimism

August 29, 2017 Comments Off on The Global Convoy – Around the world on nothing but optimism News
The Global Convoy – penned by Rebecca Marsh
The project began early 2016 with the idea to travel around the world as cheaply as possible through overlanding. Max and Richard, the two who​​ came up with the concept of attempting to complete a full loop of the globe, were considering ways to do this without having a large budget. Shortly after sharing this idea on Facebook a number of people got involved and the team began to grow. We looked for the cheapest cars available on
gumtree, the first being a Skoda Felica for £75 and the second being a Nissan Micra for just £150. After purchasing these and getting more people involved this created a solid team for the convoy. One thing we have learnt throughout this trip is the more the merrier. We wanted to create a project where everyone and anyone could be involved and we would work with what people had to offer. The project demonstrates how little equipment or modification to your car you need in order to survive and at times we wish we were more prepared but our team work and optimism got us through the journey and from this we have created some strong friendships with people all over the world.
The convoy as a whole has been a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs but one thing that has got us through these times is each other’s team spirit. Most people would choose to have the comfort and security when overlanding by taking 4×4 vehicles, which to be fair, is a more sensible option but doesn’t always create the rarest experiences as we discovered. When the cars have broken down or failed us we have relied on locals to help us get them back into shape and this faith that we put into humanity got us around the world! Being an optimistic and slightly crazy team from the start, we were ready to face all challenges ahead of us and only hope for the best of situations.
We found that this optimism allowed us to have life changing interactions with people all over the world, from remote villages in Kyrgyzstan to the Sacred Valley in Peru, where locals did what they could to help us fix the cars. From having so much optimism and team spirit we truly believe that we have had experiences that are very different to those of a normal holiday or paid tour. Although it may not have been as comfortable as taking a 4×4 rig across the desert or through the snow, we made it work and the collective optimism kept us going. We were able to work together, using apps like IOverlander to find wild camping spots all over the world and although this sometimes failed us, we would keep each other going and drive late into the night to find somewhere for everyone to stay. This experience was very rewarding and we would often find some amazing wild camping spots where we could enjoy each other’s company around a camp fire.
Not only were we optimistic for ourselves but by creating a project for all to be involved created optimism in others and gave opportunities to likeminded people.
Rebecca Marsh
As part of their trip and to save money, the team invited everyone to join the adventure, resulting in them having over 100 people from 33 different nations. They have driven their battered cars through some of the Earth’s toughest terrain, here is just a select few of them: 

– Siberia in winter 
– The dried up Aral Sea, in Uzbekistan 
– A 4,000m mountain pass between Kyrgyzstan and China 
– General and extreme offroading in 45 countries so far 
– Jungles and mountain roads throughout Central America
– Countless other strange and exotic lands
– San Pedro Sula, the 2nd murder Capital of the world
– Presenting for a school in San Pedro Sula, Honduras
– Driving at a height of 4,737m in Peru
– Exploring the deserts of Peru
– Exploring the Bolivian Salt Flats
As part of the “Been There, Done It” Seminar Sessions at the Adventure Overland Show, the team will be presenting two 1-hour talks about their adventures, so if you want some inspiration, you now know where to find it!
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