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SHARING YOUR ADVENTURE ONLINE – another new feature at AOS`17

September 5, 2017 Comments Off on SHARING YOUR ADVENTURE ONLINE – another new feature at AOS`17 News, Workshops

Forming one of six innovative workshops at AOS`17 (Adventure Overland Show 2017), the inaugural ‘SHARING YOUR ADVENTURE ONLINE’ WORKSHOP is not only a first for us, it’s almost certainly a first for any travel show in the UK!

Like all the workshops and seminars at AOS`17, it is staffed by non-paid volunteers only too happy to pass on their considerable knowledge gained through hours on the road … and of course off it! Some are professionals, but in the main they are mostly amateur enthusiasts. 

So, without further ado, we are delighted to introduce Andy Smith and Emma Smart who have graciously consented to run the ‘SHARING YOUR ADVENTURE ONLINE’ WORKSHOP this year. As it happens, the term “amateur enthusiast” sums up the couple perfectly, for under the guise ‘Around The World in 800 Days’ they have spent more than 850 days on the road, travelled overland in their 23-year old Toyota Hilux Surf through 51 countries, and coverered more than 75,000 miles! 

Emma is a Conservation Ecologist; her introduction to adventure travel was aged 16 when she and her granddad trekked to Everest base camp. Emma later planned and managed a 2-year vehicle-dependant expedition across the Arabian Peninsular through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Yemen the UAE and Oman (discovering a new species of freshwater fish en-route whilst balancing scientific research, managing a team and filming the regions first wildlife documentary series).

Andy is an artist and graphic designer, he has exhibited internationally and for the last 5 years has focused his media skills on their ‘Around the World in 800 Days’ project. Andy is also the host of The Overlanding Podcast, a show dedicated to vehicle-dependent travel.

In each episode Andy meets the adventurous people who share his passion for overland travel and they discuss what motivates people to embark on life changing journeys.

So should you wish to pick their brains about their many and varied adventures, or overlanding in general, then feel free to do so (free being most apt as like all the workshops at the Adventure Overland Show, all of them are completely free to attend).

‘SHARING YOUR ADVENTURE ONLINE’ WORKSHOP is active both days of the show:-

Morning Sessions Sat & Sun 10:00 – 11:00 

Afternoon Sessions Sat & Sun 13:00 – 14:00 

As the title suggests, Andy and Emma will be explaining how social media and the use of websites can enhance your travels. A blog or in the case of ‘Around The World in 800 Days’ a podcast, might just be for family and friends to follow your adventures, but it could also have a commercial aspect to it as well should you have sponsors backing your travels. Whatever the reason, Emma & Andy are there to help with advice on setting up blogs, websites, how to make use of social media, the logistics of it all such as wi-fi on the move and suchlike. They will also be advising on filming and photography, an essential component when it comes to keeping in touch with your loved ones back home. I have sneaky feeling they are going to have a busy weekend!

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