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SBS Adventure Campers (Lely UK) – Updated Press Release 2016

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SBS Adventure Campers (Lely UK) ~ Press Release 

SBS - Lelycampers

During August we took a little ‘proving trip’ with our new demo camper. In 4 weeks we took in 6 countries and 4000 miles of massively varying terrain. We belted along at 130 kmh for hour after hour on the motorways, clambered over twisting mountain passes for day after day and bumped along dusty dirt Portuguese tracks for mile after dusty mile. The Hilux handled the camper and the different conditions beautifully and the camper performed flawlessly, just as you’d expect. At the end of it we gave the camper a thorough inspection and only a small leak from the water pump required attention.

SBS  SBS6   
 Now she is working hard in her other roll, that of show and demo camper…


You’ll find us at the Adventure Overland Show at Stratford-upon-Avon 24-25th Sept 2016. We’ll have at least one Lely there, plus some special deals on some of our fabulous camping & expedition products, so again, do come and say hello.
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Finally we’ve updated our website with loads of photos and information and created a new Facebook page, so even if you can’t make it along to one of the shows you can still stay in touch.




That’s it for now, I hope you find it interesting and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes

Gary & Morag

Office: 01305 305 900
Mobile: 07595 368 422
Facsimile: 0333 344 1623
Email: gary@simplybrilliantstuff.com

Web: www.sbsadventurecampers.com

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