Located in the grandstands complex of the racecourse, we proudly present the …


… a series of free 1 hr travel talks by both professional and amateur speakers  (normally 30-40 mins. + Q&A session). These speakers incidentally are all non-paid volunteers, there purely to impart their considerable knowledge about their chosen subjects … so please be kind to them!

Picutured here is Toby Savage, a stalwart of the Adventure Overland Show (scroll down to see his profile). This was his humorous talk last year at AOS`16. A Professional Photographer with an overlapping 25 years experience of writing for Land Rover and 4×4 related magazines, he was one of the pros along with a host of amateur speakers. Their knowledge is priceless for would-be travellers.



The first speakers for AOS`17 have just been confirmed. Three ordinary, everyday people with a thirst for adventure – Matt Payne, Tina Songhurst and Gary Shears – decided to combine their collective knowledge and go for a little drive … 60,000+ miles around the world; fair enough!

So the venture Just-Escape was born. Three people, two trucks, one epic journey to circumnavigate our planet.

We are delighted to support them wherever possible, allotting them seminar slots on Saturday at AOS`17 (vehicle acquisition and build) and Sunday (itinerary, routes, documentation, etc.) being just the start. We’ll also follow their progress via a pre-event article in Europe 4×4 Mag online magazine, incidentally Edited by Tom McGuigan, ADVENTURE OVERLAND SHOW’S Event Director, not to mention irregular blogs by the crew when they finally hit the road. 

Talking of which, we also be holding a launch party for Just-Escape on Sunday 23rd September 2017 at the ADVENTURE OVERLAND SHOW, as they will be departing on their world travels at 3pm (TBC) from Stratford-upon-Avon Racecourse.




Desert Overlanding for Women – Georgina ‘Jess’ Davis
Short film: 10 minutes, Presentation 20 minutes, Q&A 15 minutes

In September 2016 Georgina Davis finally decided to join her husband on one of his overland trips to Morocco. Through a short film and presentation she discusses her fears about the trip, how she prepared and how she came to love the experience.

Together with discussing general safety issues and packing for women, as the only female on the trip she will also talk about how to deal with a group of men, and importantly how to find peace, serenity and relaxation within a vehicle-based expedition. Although not without its challenges, to encourage other wives/partners/girlfriends to agree to go along is no bad thing, something that can actually be a great experience.

Georgina is a journalist with 20 years’ experience including covering war zones, humanitarian disasters and now … overland travel. 


Jess and her pride & joy – Pumba, a Land Rover Defender 90







Security Planning for Overland Travel – James Davies
Short film: 10 minutes, Presentation 20 minutes, Q&A 15 minutes

Many overlanders are avoiding travel to regions that were staples in previous decades and the reasons often seem obvious. But are they real? How do we assess the risks and make informed decisions about where it is safe to travel?

Canadian born and UK based, James Davis has been overlanding and working in international security for 30 years. He has lived and worked across Africa and currently advises a network of over 100 humanitarian organisations working in some of the world’s most dangerous areas. He will present tools and tips that anyone can use to make clear and informed decisions when assessing actual risks facing overland journeys.


James & Tess posing with his steed - Tembo. As you may have gathered, the couple like a bit of topless motoring . So much so, James will be launching a Facebook interest group for folk who share their passion for 'windscreen-down' travel.

 James & Jess posing with his steed – Tembo. As you may have gathered, the couple like a bit of topless motoring . So much so, James will be launching a Facebook interest group for folk who share their passion for ‘windscreen-down’ travel.






Currently at the halfway point of their year-long trip driving from Australia to the UK, Robyn & Tristan are heading our way. We are delighted to announce they plan to finish their marathon journey at the Adventure Overland Show 2017, plus will tell us all about it Saturday and Sunday as part of the “Been There, Done It” Seminar Sessions!

Penned by Yorkshireman Tristan Hey, the following will give you an idea of their recent history, what they are up to right now, and of course not forgetting listing their talks at AOS`17 … 

We have always enjoyed driving and exploring. Have done a few road trips in Northen America, Europe & Oz, when an opportunity to relocate to Melbourne, Australia presented itself (Robyn is an Australian national), plus as it was the last year I could apply for a working holiday visa, we left our jobs, flat, sold our car – but not before a 3,000-mile/1 month trip across Europe – then flew to Miami, rented a car and drove 12,000 miles across the States to San Francisco over 3 months.

Arrived in Melbourne, took some time out, secured jobs in my profession, technical management in post production, Media/Film industry & Robyn a job in Nursing. 

Detoxed from driving, then bought a Landcruiser kitted out for any adventure, then started planning this journey back to the UK. 9 months later we set off, that was 6 months ago and we have another 6 months ahead.

The North American trip, although really fun, is pretty attainable to anyone with a driving license & a credit card so we’ll skip details about that about that.

Our thoughts for the seminars are something on the lines of:-

Seminar 01 (Saturday 23rd Sept 2017): Island hopping from Australia to Peninsular Malaysia: The planning, route, logistics, vehicle and the execution.

Seminar 02 (Sunday 24th Sept 2017): Peninsular Malaysia to the UK: A Journey crossing south East Asia, China, Mongolia, Russia, Eastern Europe to the UK

We welcome their safe return, especially as they’ll be calling into Octoberfest in Munich, Germany, the week before journey’s end at Stratford-upon-Avon Racecourse … hic!

Currently in Thailand (mid-March 2017), follow progress via their blog – Why Didn’t We Fly



Paul and Marilyn Longden have just returned from an 8 month tour of South America in their 21 year old Mercedes Benz 814d van. This was the first leg in their 5 year around the world adventure. 

Near Christmas Volcano, Chile

Christmas 2017, South American style

They have also travelled around North Korea, Palestine, San Marino and the Faroe Islands, but try not to take travelling too seriously!!

They have called their talk – “Mr Meldrew goes to South America”

Iceland Summer 2016

Why? Well according to them …  There are loads of German, Swiss, French, Dutch folks overlanding in South America. I don’t believe it!!! There are hardly any Brits over there. Come on guys, let’s get over there and fly the flag. 

Their intention is to demolish the reasons ‘not to go’. For example:

LANGUAGE: Just put an ‘O’ on the end of each word and shout at people? It works fine, but some Spanish helps. 

I MIGHT GET KILLED: You’re more likely to get smothered with kindness from locals.

WHAT IF MY VEHICLE BREAKS DOWN? 99.763% of problems can be fixed with cable ties, WD40, duct tape or a rusty hammer. Locals will fix the rest!

MY VEHICLE ISN’T SUITABLE: The locals get around in knackered, 2wd, 20-year old Toyota Corollas.

GETTING THERE: We’re Brits and used to putting our vehicle on the RoRo ferry to France. Do exactly the same to South America!

Valdes Peninsula, Argentina. Watching whales from the van …



Toby’s entertaining ‘fire-side chat’ at AOS`15. The subject was hopefully about Africa, but you can never be too sure as that’s his daily attire! Photo: Steve Blackburn

Wey hey! Great news as a real stalwart of the show, photo journalist Toby Savage, will be back at AOS`17 providing us with another of his humorous yet informative talks. This year’s subject is entitled ‘Dogging in France – the in’s and out’s of taking a dog across the Channel’. That’s different! 

As Toby points out, “It’s not high adventure, but we just took our dog to France and thought I could do a talk on the hurdles one has to jump through and the costs involved.”

Pictured here with his partner in crime, fellow journo Sam Watson – who incidentally flew in from Africa especially for the talk. We are indepted to Toby, Sam and Mat Cooper of Landrovers Live for hosting the presentation, it was a really special evening. Photo: Steve Blackburn

Don’t wish to be pedantic Toby, but the rest of the world jump OVER hurdles and THROUGH hoops! I except however you are the exeption to the rule. Sorry Toby, just couldn’t resist it mate, clearly too much red that night!

Like the rest of the seminars, the timing of Toby’s talk/s (we may yet squeeze another one out of him) has still to be established,  but whatever time it takes place, make certain you get there early as it’s sure to be a packed house.


LATEST NEWS (posted mid August 2017) …

As mentioned, photo journalist Toby Savage will be back at AOS`17 , and yes, he’s graciously confirmed he’ll be giving two talks this year. Great news!!! The first is …

Logging in Italy (Saturday evening at 18:00) – 44 years of owning and running the same 1948 Land Rover and and a 2000 mile round trip to Italy.  
Toby has used his 1948 Land Rover for everything from daily transport , through competition with several clubs, to overland adventure. A must for fans of the Series 1.
The second talk will be on Sunday morning at 11:00
Dogging in France – the in’s and out’s of taking your pet across The Channel.  As a more family friendly adventure this summer, Toby and his partner, Jo, took their dog on the ferry to France. This talk details all of the hurdles dog owners have to jump to ensure a smooth passage. See, he’s learnt!






NOTE: For your interest only, here follows last year’s seminar schedule at AO`16


Sat 24th Sept. 2016

10:00-11:00            Sat            David Gunning Bush Mechanics

11:00-12:00            Sat            Paul Crittenden Little Bit of Danger and a Whole Lot of Fun – stories of adventure on roads less travelled.

12:00-13:00            Sat            David Lovejoy Bushcraft Techniques

13:00-14:00            Sat            David Priddis 4-years around-the-world in Land Rover Defender

14:00-15:00            Sat            Glen Waldron Overland Botswana – you don´t need to be an expert

15:00-16:00            Sat            Steve Wigglesworth Build Your Own Overlanding Truck + Q&A

16:00-17:00            Sat            Fiona Easterby + Pedro the Bug Beetle Drive – UK to Singapore in an old VW

17:00-18:00            Sat            Andy Smith & Emma Smart (L’cruiser ‘Bee-bee’) Around the World in 800 Days

18:00-19:00            Sat            Toby Savage A Ride Out With Mates – Riding a 500cc Royal Enfield around the Himalayas, the Ladakh region of Northern India.


SUNDAY 25th Sept. 2016

10:00-11:00            Sun            David Gunning Bush Mechanics

11:00-12:00            Sun            David Lovejoy Budget Overland Preparation

12:00-13:00            Sun            Steve Wigglesworth Build Your Own Overlanding Truck + Q&A

13:00-14:00            Sun            Glen Waldron Central Kalahari game reserve

14:00-15:00            Sun            Paul Crittenden Would you like some salt with that?!

15:00-16:00            Sun            David Priddis 4-years around-the-world in Land Rover Defender



NOTE: For your interest only, the following were speakers at AO`15

Located in the centre of the showground, we proudly present the …


… a series of travel seminars featuring motorcycles, 4x4s, expedition trucks and bushcraft, by both professional and amateur speakers, these talks will be streamed live worldwide by the TV channel Land Rovers Live who are kindly hosting the entire programme throughout the weekend.

Land Rovers Live -AO-banner



As an ‘extra special’ addition to the standard programme of free seminars held Saturday & Sunday here at the ADVENTURE OVERLAND & TRAVEL SHOW, the following seminars are being laid on exclusively for campers arriving Friday at the event:-

Over and above standard camping/admission fees, there’s no extra cost involved for these additional seminars. There is also no booking required, although to guarantee a seat it’s advisable to arrive early!


18:00 – 19:45 ~ An Evening with Toby Savage ~ A Résumé of His Adventurous Life

Toby Savage

We are delighted to announce that award-winning author-journalist-photographer-adventurer Toby Savage will be joining us for a very special night as part of the event’s “Been There, Done It” Seminar Sessions hosted by the TV channel Land Rovers Live.

This is a real scoop for our humble show, for despite Toby being asked by some big-hitting names over the years to present “An Audience With’ type of talk, he’s has never consented to an event of this kind ever before; we’re honoured indeed!

Toby Savage 6

To give you a flavour of what the man’s all about, back in 2012 as part of the inaugural Adventure Overland Show, Toby gave two talks:-

A Short Ride On a Thing You Push: In an attempt to discover the France of his youth, Toby Savage set off, with no previous training, to cycle across France to visit a pal in northern Italy. He had turned 60 a couple of months before and wanted to see if he could do it! A simple adventure down the back roads of France punctuated by good food, red wine, a telling off from a grumpy Frenchman and cycling up and over an Alp.

The Mundo Maya Challenge 2014: An invitation to join a Camel Trophy style event using some of the tracks used in the 1995 Guatemalan event was too much to resist for photographer and journalist Toby Savage. Three teams representing USA, UK and France compete in a light hearted challenge using Land Rovers, but discover real mud and jungle conditions that bring their winching skills into sharp focus. During the event, a planned hook up with a group of archaeologists from California led to the discovery of two new Mayan archaeological sites, using a combination of advanced science and overland driving skills.

A leading light in the overland community and truly ‘one of us’, who knows what other delights Toby will cover this time around during an all too brief, recap of a life inspired by adventure travel, overlanding both in and on various forms of transport, plus the great outdoors in general; it will be fascinating to find out!  Check out his numerous exploits for yourself at www.tobysavage.co.uk

Toby Savage 2



Just heard from Toby, these are the three subjects he’ll be covering this year:-

‘It seemed a perfectly good idea at the time’ – A trip to the 1980 LeMans 24hrs by Cyclemaster. 1980


‘Georgia on my mind’ – Exploring the former Soviet country and drinking home made Cha Cha. 2011
‘A Banger to Morocco’ – Taking a 1980 ‘farm fresh’ 109 Land Rover on an ambitious tour of Morocco. 2015


19:45 – 21:15 ~ “Bring me the horizon – or just get out there!” ~ Sam Watson

Sam Watson 3

Compressing into a couple of short paragraphs what links Sam Watson has to the world of overland travel is virtually impossible, but we’ll give it a go!

Author of ‘The Overlander’, a monthly columnist in Land Rover Owner International magazine covering updates and travel news in the world of vehicle-dependant travel, a regular contributor across the Atlantic in the Overland Journal, organiser of Royal Geographical Survey Overland Travel Workshops, this is just the tip of the iceberg … or should that be ‘crest of the dune’?

Sam is flying in from Africa especially for the ADVENTURE OVERLAND & TRAVEL SHOW, presenting this talk Friday evening, a quick look around the show Saturday morning, then flying out again to Egypt on Saturday afternoon!

Sam Watson 2

His talk this evening will be about the ‘whys and wherefores’ of independent overland travel, after which he’ll host an extended Q&A session.


As it’s that time of the evening … refreshments and catering will be available throughout the evening, including full meals, snacks, beverages and a licensed bar.





21:15 to 23.45 ~ Tymes ~ Live music


Following the conclusion of the Toby Savage’s seminar, the versatile Northampton-based party band “Tymes will continue the evening entertainment with their first set of the night. Featuring music from 50’s through to the present day, their wide repertoire will soon have you on your feet and dancing!


10:00 ~ Vic Quayle ~ Adventures In The Outback With Matilda

Vic Quale - in Oz

Vic and his better half Pam are both 65 years old and have been fortunate to travel to many parts of the world over the years. Author of the recently published book Waltzing Matilda Around Australia, Vic’s talk is based on the couple’s travels around Australia in a 4×6 RV (Recreational Vehicle) camper/motorhome aptly named ‘Matilda’. It focuses on the Outback, some of the special hazards and features of travelling Australia in remote areas, what to see and do, etc. NOTE: As a follow-up, Vic will be giving a second talk about their time in Oz tomorrow Sunday at midday. This next seminar will cover the logistics of such a journey.

11:00 ~ David Lovejoy ~ GPS, PC, Maps and Stuff That Doesn’t Run On Electricity!

David Lovejoy 1

A self-confessed, adventurer, cynic and overland nut, Dave’s spent a ridiculous amount of his life travelling near and far – on foot, canoe, boat, motorbike and by 4×4. In his spare time he is a builder for, designer of, teacher and instructor, plus ‘friend on the phone’ for many overland travellers. Any spare time that’s left is spent writing, discovering the special bits of the UK and simply spending time with his family and friends. Although well known as an instructor in off-road driving, David also teaches navigation, from basic to really quite complicated. His passion for maps and non-electronic navigation is offset by his love of simple technology. Something which he will attempt to fit into a short lecture on navigation … with pictures!

12:00 ~ Daniel Crossley ~ South America On a Budget

Daniel Crossley7

Daniel and his family have just got back from a 12 month bimble through South America. Covering 35,000kms in a 24-year old Mercedes 508d van-come-camper, they stayed in only “10 official campsites throughout the entire trip”. The journey proves yet again that whatever your budget or type of vehicle, it’s the mindset of adventure and exploration that is key. Daniel will describe how they began in Uruguay, hit the East of Argentina up into Paraguay, Brazil, dropped down into NW Argentina continuing into Patagonia, then Southern Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

13:00 ~ Antonia ‘Ant’ Bolingbroke-Kent ~ Adventures of The Itinerant

Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent 1

Affectionately known as ‘The Itinerant’, Antonia is a travel writer with a particular love of wandering alone through remote regions. Published in April 2014, her latest book entitled A Short Ride in the Jungle: the Ho Chi Minh Trail by Motorcycle recounts a solo motorcycle journey down the remnants of the Ho Chi Minh Trail on a pink Honda 50. Previous to that, Ant could be found driving a tuk tuk (also pink) across the Gobi Desert, covering over 12,000 miles + raising £50,000 for the Mind charity + smashing a Guinness World Records™ milestone for the longest ever journey by an auto-rickshaw. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, you’ll soon find out exactly why!!!

14:00 ~ John Knights ~ Building an expedition vehicle? Tips On How To Start


John owns a DAF 50 series expedition truck, but has recently acquired an Iveco Magirus 4×4 to build a body on. He will be giving an overview of building an expedition vehicle yourself. According to John, “This won’t be an ‘in depth how to do it’ talk with loads of technical guff, but more a ‘motivational’ talk. Trying to get through all that technical jargon and making sound really simple, because it is!!! It is just so daunting when you are at the bottom of that learning curve”.

15:00 ~ Paul Crittenden ~ ‘Going Overland’ Trans-Global Expedition


In 2010, Paul and his wife Helen sold almost all of their possessions, quit their jobs, and embarked on an insane attempt to drive a true 80,000 mile circumnavigation of the world overland in the 16 year old Defender they bought on eBay for £6,000. Their photo-rich book of the adventure Sights and Insights, won Bob Books ‘Book of the Year’ in 2012. Paul’s talk will give an illustrated overview of the expedition, offering advice on preparation, vehicle choice, security, storage, costs, raising money while travelling, health, etc.

16:00 ~ Clive & Ann Barker ~ 12 Years a Nomad

Clive Barker - 2014-08-29 10-33-17IMG_5793

Driving “Nomad”, a Mercedes truck they fitted out by themselves from an empty box, since 2002 Clive and Ann have been travelling overland for almost 12 years! Having visited over 100 countries and territories overland, they recently arrived back after a 4½ year journey. Clive, ably abetted by Ann no doubt, will be recounting their experiences via a mammoth 1½ hour talk, followed by a Q&A session naturally. They’ll certainly have some tales to tell and knowledge to pass on, so don’t be late!

18:00 ~ Simon Gandolfi ~ Incompetence, Incontinence and Embarrassing My Children

Simon Gandolfi - rocks, rice paddy and an English gentleman

A seasoned traveller born in 1933 – that’s a full six years before the outbreak of WWII – octogenarian biker Simon Gandolfi writes travel books. Old Man on a Bike and Old Men Can’t Wait are his latest, plus recently his 2013 ride around India was published as a series of contributions in The Guardian newspaper’s “Backpacking” travelogue section. Simon’s ridden solo the length of the Americas and back (the subject of his seminar), not to mention two 6-month explorations of India … all on hardy little Honda 125s!!! That’s an incredible 80,000 kilometres / 50,000 miles by the way; does this man never rest?

19:00 ~ Build up to the big match

Rugby World Cup logo

20:00 ~ England vs Wales ~ Rugby World Cup hosted by Land Rovers Live

England Rugby logo


Welsh Rugby logo2

This eagerly-awaited match will be screened live in the beer tent run by Severn Cider (yes they will have ales, larger, wines and spirits too), directly after the last seminar of the day concludes at 19:00.

21:30 to midnight ~ 8 Ball Joe rock band ~ Live music

8 Ball Wallpaperscrap

Following the conclusion of the England vs Wales rugby match, the excellent Midlands-based rock band  “8 Ball Joe” will continue the evening entertainment with their first set of the night.


As it’s that time of the evening … refreshments and catering will be available throughout the evening, including full meals, snacks, beverages and a licensed bar.






10:00 ~ John Knights ~ The Benefit of Hindsight

John Knights 3

Back by popular demand is John Knights. He kindly gave a talk on communications at AO`13, plus a further two seminars at last year’s show. Part of the UK Warn Adventure Team in Morocco 1995, and 5th in the Magellan Adventure Rally 2005 (held in Nevada and Arizona), John has certainly taken part in some rather interesting events.

Add to that 30 yrs motorsport experience and an off-road background that includes driving his Land Rover Discovery 200tdi over 268,000km across 17 countries, not to mention having visited 40 countries including Namibia, Zimbabwe, Morocco, Romania and ‘Wild West America’, he is currently a Senior Instructor with Land Rover Experience UK and can teach 4×4 and winching to LRE and Lantra standards.

John’s seminar this time around covers 25 years of travelling, things that went well and things that didn’t – an anecdotal travel through some of his adventures telling stories of hard learned lessons.

11:00 ~ Sushanth Shetty ~ The East India Express

Sushanth Shetty3

Last October Sushanth Shetty set off on a little bike ride from London to Bangalore in the east of India. It could even be a Guinness World Records™ attempt he thought, so he went out and purchased one of the worlds fastest superbikes – a 1.3 litre Suzuki Hayabusa capable of over 300 kmph / 186 mph.

His goal of 12,0000 km / 7,458 miles across 12 countries and seven time zones in 15 days was achievable, but extremely difficult. What did he call his attempt? “The East India Express” of course!

The burning question is … was his self-created challenge successful? Well I won’t spoil his talk, suffice to say that due to many factors including border hassles, visas, dealing with injury, mega sandstorms and a hefty dose of unplanned off-roading, let’s just say it was an ‘interesting journey’!!!

12:00 ~ Vic Quayle ~ Travel Australia by RV Camper

southamerica brazil pantanal motorhome 120-2025_IMG

Vic’s second seminar of the weekend, the first was entitled “Adventures in the Outback with Matilda”, Matilda being a 6×4 RV (Recreational Vehicle) camper/motorhome was held 10:00 yesterday – you missed it, where were you? Author of the book Waltzing Matilda Around Australia, this time around Vic covers what types of RV are available – concentrating on the off-road variety – basics on bureaucracy (visas, insurance, health, buying and selling in Oz), on the road, road trains, nasties and surprises the Outback holds.

13:00 ~ James Davies ~ Travel Security & Planning

James Davis1

James Davis is a Canadian who has travelled extensively around the globe, mostly by 4×4. A best-selling author, former soldier and regular traveller, James spent 10 years living around Africa where he developed his love of old Land Rovers and exploring the blank areas on the map. His talk will concentrate on the three key areas vital for any kind of trip in any kind of vehicle – security, planning and why all vehicles entering Morocco should be painted ‘off white’ … pink to be precise!

14:00 ~ Mike Green ~ South American Travels

Michael Green2

Owner of an ex-British Army Daf T244 truck, Mike had it converted into an overland camper to his specifications. He then set off on a European shake-down from the Spanish border up to Norway. This was the prelude to a further 2½ years on the road in Africa and beyond.

However, Mike’s talk won’t be about the truck. With so many people asking about South America these days, he will focus on travelling through the continent in a 1 ton pick-up truck with a demountable unit. This covers shipping vehicles, crossing borders, wild camping, languages and communication.

15:00 ~ David & Jayne ~ What Do You Do When You’ve Just Driven Around the World? Start All Over Again of Course!

Lizzybus 1

An hour talk plus …

“Lizzybus” departs at 16:00 (ish) when their seminar finishes!

I’ve a feeling Jayne & David’s talks will be greatly over-subscribed, so get down early to make sure of a place. Why? Because over a 5-year period in a LR Defender 110 known simply as “Lizzybus”, Jayne & David travelled 135,000 miles, seven continents and 66 countries.

Only just back, over the past few months they’ve ploughed a reputed £30,00 into restoring their trusty steed. Yes it’s a lot of money, but remember it’ll be their home for the next 5 years, because itchy feet will see them take off again very soon to tackle Russia, the ‘Stans’, Japan … you get the general idea!

Basically they intend circumnavigating the world for a second time, as apparently they ‘missed a few bits’ the first time around!

Immediately after their talk they will be setting off on their 2nd great adventure, so please hang about to wish them “bon voyage”.

Try not to miss them, because if you do you’ll have a bit of a wait on your hands – they won’t around this way again until 2020!!!


The location of the ‘Seminar Room’ is easily found – it’s located right in the middle of the showground, next to the toilet/shower block, Severn Cider Beer Tent and World Tastes Food Court catering area.


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