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Organiser Tom McGuigan’s images of AO`15

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Here are my personal photos of the Adventure Overland Show 2015. Some will immediately make sense, some won’t as they could be of the Officials/Marshals or friends and family. Basically an eclectic mix of the weird and wonderful …


Thanks to all the unpaid volunteer staff, the traders who annually support the event, the seminar speakers (special thanks to Matt of Land Rovers Live who single-handed hosted the entire programme of seminars + the Rugby World Cup live match Saturday evening!!!), 4×4 enthusiast clubs from across the country, the display vehicle owners, plus of course the thousands of individual campers and day visitors, the 2015 edition of the Adventure Overland Show (AO`15) was bigger and better than ever before, but there’s still plenty of room to grow. Just as well as we have the racecourse as part of a 10-year plan! Roll on AO`16.




Supplied by none other than Land Rover Ltd., the All-Terrain Electric Defender from Lode Lane certainly ‘sparked’ a lot of interest … sorry!


The number of expedition trucks present this year was staggering. Who would have thought there were so many vehicles residing in the UK?


The two largest groups of expedition trucks featured at the Adventure Overland Show 2015 were the Silk Route Motorcaravan Network (pictured here is Clive & Ann Barker’s Mercedes Benz 1017a camper, a couple who kindly provided a seminar at AO`15) and the Overlander Resource, an excellent forum when it comes to planning and preparation for an overland trip. Both groups feature in their ranks both 4×2 and 4×4 vehicles, although for some strange reason, the all-wheel-drive monsters seem to get all the attention … can’t think why?


My son Dean and his two-headed dog!


On the left, the trade stand of APB Trading – enthusiastic supporters of the Adventure Overland Show from Day One. Without exhibitors like this who from the start had faith, there simply wouldn’t be a show!

546  548550545

The Unimog + adventure bike of Gekkotruck – a trader from Germany. As it transpires, this ‘mog was one of the most popular exhibits at Stratford-upon-Avon Racecourse!

283  297 338  289543


Day visitors, more than ever this year!

On the r/h side is the impressive display of the Toyota Landcruiser Owners’ Club. While I love my old Range Rovers, I’m well aware there are plenty more excellent vehicles out there, hence Jap and Jeep owners are more than welcome to attend. Same applies to all marques and makes, caravan and motorhome clubs, etc. The more the merrier I say!


Lined up opposite the Bushcraft Zone (in association with Bison Bushcraft) is the Club Display Stand of Jeep Owners’ Club UK.


379  329

Who can forget these guys? If you were at the Adventure Overland Show 2015,  you simply couldn’t have missed these characters. The short guy, sorry … the lesser height, not so tall, vertically challenged guy – is known to all an’ sundry as the ‘Iron Dwarf‘.


 Purveyor of blacksmith’s forges, fireboxes, firepits, barbecues, etc., he sells quality gear at an affordable price. This show would recommend him and his hairy mate for quality and service back-up each and everyday of the week! Eccentric folk like this are what makes the Adventure Overland Show so special.


568  584

They are also very thoughtful, for without any prompting whatsoever, they decided to raise funds for D.O.R.A. (Disabled Off Road Access) and C.A.L.M. (Countryside Access for the Less Mobile). C.A.L.M. is charitable group that has been taken D.O.R.A. under its wing, so fair play to the Iron Dwarf for his generosity.


Seeking a donor vehicle for an overland camper, then look no further? This 6×6 Discovery was on sale at AO`15 … POA apparently! Ask for yourself, the company selling it is Supacat based in Honiton, Devon.


The trade stand of Camp Champ, a trader all the way from Austria to promote his wonderful self-contained kitchen that caters for up to six people. Costly yes, but real quality.


The catering area. My apologies for the curries and pizzas that never turned up (family bereavement and illness), but as you can see, the noodles bar was very popular.


To the left, the trade stand of Venture 4×4, specialists in tours of Iceland. Like many of the exhibitors, they support the Adventure Overland Show annually.


Members of my local club – Bedworth Berts 4×4 – soaking up the late summer sun.


The trade stand of Alpine Rovers, true 4×4 enthusiasts and Land Rover nuts!


Bread-making in a Dutch Oven by bushcraft expert David Willis had the crowds enthralled. The humble loaf never tasted as good.


The Camping Marshals caught on camera spending the house-keeping on 4×4 goodies!


LROI (Land Rover Owner International) magazine’s Portuguese Correspondent Jose Almeida, who drove up from Portugal to promote Dream Overland off-road tours he runs in his homeland … exceptional terrain, great weather, and via the Portsmouth-Santander ferry, the country’s very accessible too!


As always, some traders did better than others –  it definitely depends on what you’re selling. Like moths to a flame …


Who said overland vehicles have to be four-wheel-drive?


The Camper’s Café with a full English breakfast @ only £4.50 … bargain!


In 2016, the custodians of ‘Ruby’ intend circumnavigating the world. Check out their planning and preparation here – Ruby the Landy  It’s what Landies were designed to do!

580  481587

Two wheels or even three, if it transports you ‘overland’, then it’s fair game. All are welcome at Stratford-upon-Avon Racecourse.


Incidentally, the mother and daughter on/in the Russian Ural two-wheel drive motorcycle and sidecar combination are about to set off for Africa. Entitled “Africa with Autism” they are raising funds for autistic charities and organisations, 9-year old Sofia was diagnosed with autism when she was four. Travelling from East London (UK) to East London (South Africa), what an incredible piece of life-experience this will be for Sofia? If you can donate a few pennies via their website, they’d be eternally grateful.


Families at play!

536  542

These two found themselves a mini-Sahara to play in, slap bang in front of their parent’s Fourby trade stand … the Dakar Rally next stop?


My beautiful daughter Bonnie, together with her not-so-beautiful partner Paul. Well, one out of two ain’t bad! Only kidding mate, Bolton’s loss is her gain.


Talking of beautiful, the Marshals at the Adventure Overland Show weren’t so shabby either!


… then again!!!

557  553

Produced in Holland by one of Europe’s most highly regarded manufacturers, the Lelycamper pictured here had only just arrived in the country literally hours before AO`15 began. Marketed in Britain by SBS Expedition Campers , information about their demountable campers can be found on their company website.


Wonder why they call them ‘fatbikes’? Marcel, the Dutch trader to the right looks bemused.

The King's Elephant

Marcel too was selling quality gear via his company The King’s Elephant. Top traders with high quality goods and services is a reoccurring at the Adventure Overland Show, a theme that is the hallmark of the event. No Chinese windmills here!!!


Bargain hunters + glorious weather … a great combination!

579  575

British designed and built, CCM Motorcycles of Bolton, Lancashire were giving free demo rides of their new lightweight GP450 Adventure bike at this year’s show. Missed out? Then contact the company direct at CCM Motorcycles


Without the volunteer ‘back room’ office staff, there simply wouldn’t be an event. So a massive THANK YOU to Jackie, Pia, Margaret and anybody else I’ve forgotten – quite likely given my appalling memory!


Now THAT’S a vantage point!


Snapped here is Marcin Burzynski of 4×4 Zone promoting his tours in Eastern Europe – Romania, Poland, Montenegro, etc. – plus to the left is qualified canoe specialist Kieran Johnson of Hireacanoe.com. Aimed at both families and corporate clients, he runs canoe, kayak and stand-up paddleboard hire on the beautiful River Wye in Hereforeshire.

If it’s an outdoor pursuit, then it fits into the Adventure Overland Show!

310  312

Some will remember them as the founders of Mobile Storage Systems, inventors of the original Land Rover ‘cubby boxes’ that sit snugly between the driver and front passenger seats. Nowadays, along with being ardent supporters of the Adventure Overland Show, Nigel and Pamela Walker are leading lights of the group entitled Motorhome Fun. Captured here for the world to see, he’s been caught on camera prizing open his wallet to give the moths in a rare outing, while she can’t even bear to look! Well they do say, look after the pennies …

544  298

Delicious coffee served to the accompaniment of Dueling Banjos, compliments of the Mitsubishi monster truck alongside. Does this vehicle fit in with an overland show? Not really, but the kids love it and the owner has supported my shows for years – and for that I’m grateful.

As for Jo’s Coffee, complete with her popular little Aixam Mega van, if you’re going to book a coffee van at your next event, then it has to be Jo!


Pictured in the white/red caps, author Vic Quayle accompanied by his good lady Pam, kindly gave a seminar about their Aussie experiences in a six-wheel motorhome … not to mention entering the Inca Trail Rally, travelling some 25,000 km through six South American countries over 55 days, plus coming away with a Gold Medal . See vicquayle.com


Selling high quality cast iron wood-burning stoves, pictured to the right of this shot is the trade stand of C.E. Stoves. Having sold 13 stoves over the weekend, he was certainly a happy bunny.


On the pitch of their sponsor Xtreme Sales, pictured here to the right was Lizzybus, the newly-refurbished Landy of Brummies Jayne & David. About to head off around the world (again), as David pointed out, “she’s far too clean and unblemished, so can’t wait until she gets some dust, dirt and battle scars on her again” – think he was talking about the Land Rover, not Jayne?!!! They’ll definitely be returning to the Adventure Overland Show  … but not until the year 2020!

297  333

Spot yourself among the shoppers?

386  523

More club members ‘chilling out’.


The highly-unusual Discovery of South African Mike Gouws, purveyor of the Bushpig Bushgear range of African braais and outdoor cooking accessories.


Along with providing Marshals for the day visitor’s car park, all year ’round Team Chaos raise funds for Macmillian Cancer Support. Their ongoing assistance at our events is invaluable.


Pictured in the white shirt is Paul Boardman of Explore Campers and Peru Safari. Along with supplying Land Rover Defender campers for hire in the UK, they also run 4×4 overland holidays in South America.

Not only did he book a trade stand at the Adventure Overland Show 2015, he took advantage of our BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) offer by also joining us in Vethem, Northwest Germany for our sister show Adventure Northside (AN`15) … as did World of 4×4 Bumpers incidentally. Basically, if a trader or a camper pays for trade stand or camping pitch at AO`15,  they don’t have to pay for the second show … and visa versa for traders/campers in Germany, as they will receive a pitch at Stratford-upon-Avon Racecourse free of charge!

A great way of trading or camping at two overland shows over an extended fortnight, plus you could even fit in some ‘tourist time’ in between. This would also make a great club outing, worth thinking about?

The dates for the Adventure Overland Show are 24-25 September 2016, while Adventure Northside in Germany the following weekend will be 01-03 October 2016. Just in case you’re wondering, that’s Sat-Mon inclusive, as the 3rd October 2016 is a public holiday in Germany.



Good to see American couple Kathy & Rick Howe at AO`15. Theirs is truly a ‘life on the road’, check out their travels at Travelin-Tortuga.com

Adventure Overland Show 15 017 (640x426) - Fatima1

The trade stand of 1948 Original Equipment, stalwart supporters of the Adventure Overland Show from the inaugural event in 2012 until the present. [photo courtesy of Fatima]

MHF - Fatima

A ‘smiley’ … the emblem of Motorhome Fun, a club based on two-wheel-drive motorhomes, campervans and American RV’s. Again, having the a 4×4 I is not essential when it comes to overland travel. It’s the wanderlust mentality of the owner that is important, not what vehicle he/she may drive!  [photo courtesy of Fatima]

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