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Trip Truck is back – this time providing a CAMPER CONVERSIONS WORKSHOP at AOS`17

September 2, 2017 0 News, Workshops

Steve’s 1994 Leyland DAF T244 expedition truck pictured ‘somewhere North of the Artic Circle’.

Just back from 4,262 miles round the Baltic States, Steve Wigglesworth of Trip Truck fame (or should that be infamy???) will, we’re delighted to announce, be holding a series of workshops at AOS`17 (Adventure Overland Show 2017).

These free, advice-laden sessions will cover campervan conversions and overland travel in the UK, Ukraine, Iceland, France, Lapland, Ireland and of course, the Baltic region. Steve is also a keen twitcher (“an enthusiastic bird-watcher” according to Collins dictionary, so it’s not derogatory in the least), so by all means feel free to discuss the mating habits of nutcrackers, boobies or shags … no pun intended … not much!

Times of the workshops are:-

11:00 – 12:00  Sat & Sun
14:00 – 15:00  Sat & Sun

It’s also worth noting that Steve has also moved into the world of publishing, as last year (2016) Haynes launched a book entitled Build Your Own Overland Camper. Penned by Steve, the 196 page A4-sized hardback is fast becoming the ‘bible of truck conversions’ [ISBN 978 1 78521 076 1].

It even has a Foreword written by well respected fellow author and overland legend Steven Stewart. A leading light in the Silk Route Motorcaravan Network (as it happens, this group will also be at AOS`17), this alone gives Steve’s writing abilities credence and credibility.

Breathe in! This is typical ‘on-roading’ in Ireland.

An abandoned logging vehicle found deep in a Finnish forest during Trip Truck’s Lapland excursion in 2016.

A little exposed maybe, but this is where an expedition truck comes into its own. When the weather turns, spending the night in a roof tent is hardly a comforting thought.

So feel free to visit Steve’s workshops at AOS`17, otherwise the man’s going to feel very lonely – playing Solitaire just isn’t his style!

A bit of greenlaning in the Duff near Mont Ventoux (near the Camargue) in the Provence region of Southern France.

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