A brand new feature at the Adventure Overland Show this year are six workshops. All free of charge, they are hosted by true enthusiasts only too willing to pass on their considerable knowledge to others.

No need to book, simply turn up at the published times listed below.

Our thanks go out to all the contributors!

[Tom McGuigan, Event Director AOS`17]



A keen biker and 4×4 enthusiast, David Gunning founded a company appropriately called ‘Bush Mechanics’ after a lifetime of experience working with vehicles in all conditions all over the world.

His experience alone tells you he is the ideal person to run the ‘BUSH MECHANICS’ WORKSHOP. Along with over 10 years in the armed forces where he honed his mechanical, technical and electrical skills to their utmost, he’s also a qualified Instructor with Land Rover, an Expedition Mechanic working with companies such as Toyota, Jeep, Mitsubishi, Land Rover, Volvo, Ford and many more, and more recently, working with large and small organisations including the Environment Agency where he has instructed staff on adventure / overland mechanics and all-terrain driving techniques.

Nowadays he runs commercial 2-day courses down in Devon covering all aspects of bush mechanics, self-recovery techniques and a host of other skills associated with overland travel. Designed around you and your vehicle, while taking into account the extent of your mechanical knowledge, or lack of it, the skills gained could prove invaluable when breakdown leaves you stranded in the back of beyond.

David’s ‘BUSH MECHANICS’ WORKSHOPS are scheduled for both days of the show:-

Sat 10:00 – 17:00

Sun 10:00-16:00



Running the ‘CAMPER CONVERSIONS’ WORKSHOP, Steve Wigglesworth used to be more known for his travels with Trip Truck where he transformed an ex army workhorse into an expedition truck … or camper if you like.

Juat last year (2016) Haynes launched a manual entitled Build Your Own Overland Camper. Penned by Steve, the 196 page A4-sized hardback is fast becoming the ‘bible of camper and truck conversions’ [ISBN 978 1 78521 076 1].

His advice-laden workshops will cover campervan conversions, plus touch upon overland travel in the UK, Ukraine, Iceland, France, Lapland, Ireland and the Baltic region.


Sat & Sun 11:00 – 12:00
Sat & Sun 14:00 – 15:00



We are delighted to announce that Extreme Medics , a company that provides organisers of extreme sports medical cover of their events, will be sponsoring a ‘MEDICAL’ WORKSHOP at Adventure Overland Show 2017. This includes free information covering:-

Common travel concerns/ailments, plus some of the more unusual ones across the globe.

Offering advice on first aid kits.

Providing a service whereby visitors can take their personal first aid kits to them for review.

Highlighting the potential risks and hazards overlanders can encounter on their travels … and of course how to avoid them!

Their ‘MEDICAL’ WORKSHOPS are scheduled all day:-

Sat 10:00 – 17:00

Sun 10:00-16:00



James Davis has been travelling the world for over 30 years. First as a soldier and UN Peacekeeper, and now for the last decade as security advisor for international Humanitarian NGOs.

His work has taken him through six wars and to some of the most dangerous areas on the planet including Chechnya, Sierra Leone, Mali, Angola, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, plus Syria during various conflicts. His day job is to help keep aid workers safe in these hostile zones and in his spare time he enjoys overlanding and has been bashing around Africa for many years.

He is a published author on international security issues and has developed a number of tools for travellers to stay safe while undertaking trips to unsafe regions.

Not surprisingly his workshops will concentrate on the two key areas vital for any kind of trip in any kind of vehicle – security and planning.

James’ ‘PERSONAL SECURITY’ WORKSHOPS will take place at:-

Sat 15:00-16:30

Sun 10:00-11:30



The inaugural ‘SHARING YOUR ADVENTURE ONLINE’ WORKSHOP is not only a first for us, it’s almost certainly a first for any travel show in the UK!

Like all the workshops and seminars at AOS`17, it is staffed by non-paid volunteers only too happy to pass on their considerable knowledge gained through hours on the road … and of course off it! Some are professionals, but in the main they are mostly amateur enthusiasts. 

So, without further ado, we are delighted to introduce Andy Smith and Emma Smart who have graciously consented to run the ‘SHARING YOUR ADVENTURE ONLINE’ WORKSHOP this year. Emma is a Conservation Ecologist, who amongst other things planned and managed a 2-year vehicle-dependant scientific expedition across the Arabian Peninsular through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Yemen the UAE and Oman, while Andy is the host of The Overlanding Podcast, a show dedicated to vehicle-dependent travel.

As it happens, the term “amateur enthusiast” sums up the couple perfectly, for under the guise ‘Around The World in 800 Days’ they have spent more than 850 days on the road, travelled overland in their 23-year old Toyota Hilux Surf through 51 countries, and covered more than 75,000 miles … thus are ideally placed to host an innovative workshop such as this.

Emma & Andy’s ‘SHARING YOUR ADVENTURE ONLINE’ WORKSHOP is active both days of the show:-

 Sat & Sun 10:00 – 11:00 

Sat & Sun 13:00 – 14:00

As the title suggests, Andy and Emma will be explaining how social media and the use of websites can enhance your travels. A blog or in the case of ‘Around The World in 800 Days’ a podcast, might just be for family and friends to follow your adventures, but it could also have a commercial aspect to it as well should you have sponsors backing your travels. Whatever the reason, Emma & Andy are there to help with advice on setting up blogs, websites, how to make use of social media, the logistics of it all such as wi-fi on the move and suchlike. They will also be advising on filming and photography, an essential component when it comes to keeping in touch with your loved ones back home.


A good friend of the show is John Knights. Part of the UK Warn Adventure Team in Morocco 1995, and 5th in the Magellan Adventure Rally 2005 (held in Nevada and Arizona), John has certainly taken part in some rather interesting events. Add to that 30 yrs motorsport experience and an off-road background that includes driving his Land Rover Discovery 200tdi over 268,000km across 17 countries, not to mention having visited 40 countries including Namibia, Zimbabwe, Morocco, Romania and ‘Wild West America’.

He is currently a Senior Instructor with Land Rover Experience UK and can teach 4×4 and winching to LRE and Lantra standards.

John will be running three ‘WINCH’ WORKSHOPS:-

Sat 11:00-12:00, 14:00-15:00

Sun 11:00-12:00


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